Years Of Experience

Our Scope Of Support

The correct dosage of our products is a prerequisite for continuous, efficient, optimized and safe processes for our customers. For water diluents in particular, there are not only technical requirements, but also legal requirements for regular monitoring, for which we provide advice and equipment support to our customers.
By using the right additives in our product range, we continuously improve the fluid performance, service life and cost efficiency of our processes.


Reduction Of Total Cost Of Ownership

Ensure the process is running at the correct concentration and good control extends fluid life and reduces waste.

Higher Process Efficiency And Reliability

Reduce cleaning downtime, better collaboration between process stages, and increase machine and process cleanliness so that to ensure production reliability.

Improvement Of The Environmental Balance

Waste water, improve operator safety, replenishment and centralized use optimization, thereby reducing raw material demands on the environment.

Product Application

Our Product Range In Detail

Batching And Mixing Equipment

We offer a wide range of mixing and metering devices for a wide range of products, enabling safe and effective control of our customers' production processes. Special equipment can be provided after process and technical investigation.

On-site Equipment Testing

Continuous monitoring is the basis of security control. PETROFER offers a wide range of test equipment for monitoring important parameters such as product concentration, temperature, pH, conductivity, viscosity and water hardness,etc.

Fluid Optimization And Data Logging

PETROFER provides digital recording and analysis of fluid conditions through on site equipment and portable fluid management applications. Safe and environmentally friendly disposal solutions can be recommended and supported at the end of a liquid's useful life.

Equipment And Chemical Training

To support the safe and correct use of PETROFER chemicals, oils, speciality products and equipment, we offer extensive training to both operators and management within our customers.

Our Promise

PETROFER is one of the world’s leading companies for industrial lubricants, specialised fluids and process technologies,we understand our responsibility to our compatriots, nature and the environment.

As a holder of ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications, sustainability defines our strategy, our actions and our commitment to the society.

  • Customer Focused
  • High Flexibility
  • The Latest Technology
  • Application Support
  • Long Term Partnership
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