As the first chemical outsourcing management company in the real legal sense in China, with nearly 20 years of experience in the management and operation of chemical outsourcing of well-known domestic enterprises, there are nearly 10 chemical outsourcing service projects, ranking in the forefront of the chemical outsourcing management industry, including more than 400 members of the chemical management project team, and the annual business scale is nearly 200 million yuan. In the cooperation with customers, we have been praised by customers for many times, and won the evaluation of "excellent supplier" and "A-level supplier" more than once.


Purchasing Management

Negotiation with product suppliers, product purchase, logistics, inventory management and consumption monitoring.


Process Monitoring

Professional engineers help you develop a lubricant monitoring and management plan to ensure your production efficiency.


Continuous Improvement

Establish a comprehensive partnership with customers to provide solutions and reference suggestions for production or process.


Staff Training

We provide regularly professional training for operators on lubrication basics and equipment maintenance.


Service Reporting

Professional chemical engineers provide problem reports and benefit analysis to help customers improve overall benefits.


Environmental Tracking

We use our expertise and facilities to ensure healthy, safe and environmentally friendly production management.


We have a deep understanding of every link in the use of chemicals, and found that many enterprises ignore the importance of chemical management, and the unstable operation of chemicals will bring many potential threats to the entire manufacturing process, unstable processing quality, production shutdown etc. And in the cost control, non-professionals can not correctly measure the amount and quality of chemicals, often resulting in greater waste, Environmental and safety issues can also arise if chemicals are not disposed properly.
In order to avoid the above difficulties, more professional personnel are needed to carry out chemical management work so that to better meet the needs of customers, and better maintain the ecological environment, human health and safety,has set up a chemical management department.

PETROFER comprehensive chemical management

The overall objective of the chemical management program is to provide our customers with excellent comprehensive chemical management services to minimize the safety, health and environmental hazards caused by chemicals.

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We cooperate with our customers, from research and development to production, logistics and service, we are completely customer-centric. We support the entire production cycle: from raw materials to casting, hardening, machining, forming, cleaning, corrosion protection.

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We have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 management system certification and Dun & Bradstreet certification, it is an effective proof of enterprise credit, which means that the enterprise has excellent reputation and ability to provide customers with high-quality chemical management services.

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